Ultrasound Surgery



Interventions by use of ultrasonic device are usually performed under local anesthesia, also depending on the preference of the patient. For each anatomic area operated there, the corresponding waveguide is provided.

The usual duration of interventions is half an hour. Rehabilitation after surgery is immediate. The patient can even return at work the same day. The external appearance remains unchanged as neither swelling nor hematomas are formed. Furthermore, no nasal packing is placed.

The method is ideal in cases of elderly patients or patients whose general state of health does not allow the administration of general anesthesia. If the patient is receiving anticoagulation therapy, surgery should be preceded by modification of the regimen by a few days.

In special cases preoperative examinations may be required. Postoperative treatment is usually limited since, in most cases, not even antibiotics are required.

If the anatomic area that is planned to be operated has suffered a previous operation in the past, and requires correction, then the use of the ultrasonic device may be the only option for a revision operation.